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God wants to advance His Kingdom through the businesses that impact communities everyday. 
As we partner with God for His strategies we will be more successful and will transform the world around us, making and shaping history for everyday Australians.



–  Engage God at work   –   Get biblical principles into your work practices  –  See your workplace transformed by His gospel love  –

–  Work as a team to develop community transformation  –  Lead a team of people not yet in the faith, with Jesus  –

–  Make Jesus the centre of your work environment  –  Watch God take you into the next level of success and influence  –


Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

Justin Wang

Property Investors Alliance

Justin has more than 20 years'  experience in property, investment, consulting, as well as extensive expertise in sales and marketing. His personal experience extends to acquisitions and project management.  Working closely with leading developers, Government stakeholders, builders and property investors, Justin advocates an alliance that serves to promote the long term sustainability of the property industry. He continues to challenge the property industry to evolve through his innovative business model.  Justin serves as an industry consultant, key note speaker, long term supporter and principal sponsor of The Urban Taskforce of Australia.

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

Wez Hone

Business Greenhouse

Wez Hone is passionate about educating and motivating Christians in business. He has invested nearly a decade helping thousands build more profitable and more influential businesses – of all shapes and sizes. Wez has worked with companies with a market capitalisation of 1 Billion dollars right down to start-ups. He specialises in creating a large amount of change in a small amount of time.
Wez is also the Author of Supernatural Business & Supernatural Thinking.

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

John Dingemanse

Kingdom Investors

John is a business and social entrepreneur and has founded and developed numerous startup companies and major development projects, each of which are Purpose led to help facilitate and finance Kingdom ministry and deliver social benefit.

John is also part of the Leadership Team of Kingdom Investors (KI) and supports Dave Hodgson, the Founder of KI, in delivering this fast growing Christian business ministry in Australia.

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

Shane Degen

Jesus Loves Australia

Shane is a son of God, husband to Amanda and father to eight children.  As a pioneer, he started Schoolies for Jesus in 2009 and more recently Jesus Loves Australia.  
He has a heart to see Australia come back to Jesus and Christians come into a clearer revelation of the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit through the scriptures. To see God’s children ignited with their true identity and the inheritance that is available to them. Jesus Loves Australia exists to see cities transformed by the gospel love of Jesus, displayed at Calvary and fulfilled with an empty tomb.

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

Michelle D'Souza

Seeds of Wisdom Coaching Service

Michelle started her career as an economist in India and the Middle East. In New Zealand, she converted her hobbies into a career and became an award-winning creative director. Michelle also uses her creative gifts to sow back into the Kingdom through self-funded mission trips. 
Michelle is a certified John Maxwell Leadership trainer, speaker and coach. Passionate about developing transformational leaders, Michelle started Seeds Of Wisdom Coaching Services.  Her ultimate goal is to help End Modern Day Slavery by starting up a creative school/home for survivors of domestic violence/sex trafficking in India.

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

George Fattal

Planet Blue Travel

George has been in the industry for over 35 years and is the foundation of of PBT. George and Lydia Fattal have four children; with a heart for mission trips and a Pastor at a local Sydney Church George and his three sons Michael, Joshua and Samuel are continuing to build their travel legacy with passion.
As a young child George Fattal had dreamt of being a pilot, this ignited his desire to be a part of the travel industry. In 1977 he started working with British Airways in Kuwait then worked with the leading travel companies Qantas, Gulf Air and Cathay Pacific.George moved to Sydney, Australia in 1981 and joined Air India and gained further insight to the travel world. 10 years later George opened up his own fully dedicated Christian Travel Agency.

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

Lucas Nicotra

Sticks Productions

Lucas Nicotra started making videos from the age of 14. Shooting wedding films, creating videos for church and his dad’s business. After graduating film school in 2014, Lucas became the leader of his church’s TV team which produces a 30 minute program that airs on Australian Christian Channel and GOD TV. Lucas has written & directed 16 short films accumulating millions of views on YouTube. He started a production company called ‘Sticks Productions’ in 2017 to help businesses grow using the power of video. Since then Sticks Productions has helped many businesses go to the next level, gaining more customers, build their brand and take back their time. 

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

Peter Irvine

Kingdom Momentum

Peter has more than 50 years of experience in business at a high profile management level In 1996 Peter, with his business partner,  established the Gloria Jean’s Coffees franchise in Australia. Having sold the business in 2014, Peter now speaks worldwide, providing tools, encouragement, advice and expertise to business people at a variety of Church and non-Church events. 
Peter Irvine is also the author of ‘Win In Business’ -20 keys to catapult you towards your vision and more recently, ‘Building your Business, your People, your Life.’

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

Joyce Khoo

JK Lawyers

Joyce Khoo is the Principal at JK Lawyers, a medium sized law firm in Notting Hill Victoria, with experience in commercial, family, property, migration and estate planning.
She is a board member of several organisations, an author, and a speaker both locally and overseas.
She lives in Mordialloc Victoria with husband Kenny and 2 sons Daniel and Joshua, and loves to ride her motorbike, ski and sail when time makes space for her.

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

John Gagliardi

Haggai Institute Australia

Having started life in TV and newspapers, John moved into the field of political lobbying where he advised Governments (including a Prime Minister) and large corporations.
He ran a multi national company in Singapore, and has spoken to large groups across the world. John founded the Australian Christian Lobby, Christian Heritage College and now runs Haggai International in Australia.

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

Paul Robertson

The Prophetic Coach

Paul is the founder of The Prophetic Coach. He is an itinerate minister and life coach. Paul draws on his vast range of leadership and management experience in order to bring clarity, impact and direction to businesses, ministries and individuals' lives. He has gained leadership experience and skills through serving in the Australian Army, managing at a state level in the fitness industry and also managing one of Australia's leading health retreats. Paul has a passion to equip people to discover and walk in alignment with God's plan and purpose for their life. Paul is gifted in the prophetic and loves to equip and teach people to know and walk out their specific purpose here on earth.

James Bernard

James Bernard Business Coaching

James Bernard is a highly trained business mentor with in demand skills. He started his first business when he was 15 and has since built several successful businesses. During this time James had studied and explored the complex nature of business and the processes behind them.
Throughout his career, in business and as an employee, James has seen businesses owners
struggle with the process of going from "technician” to “entrepreneur”. Having walked this road himself, James has the experience, knowledge and flexible wisdom to guide others in travelling
this well worn path.

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

John Wickham

Flow Growth

John’s 25 years of experience in driving business growth, transformation & actionable strategy sees him deliver rare perspective & results. His experience in business model innovation and shaping franchise models, often in the midst of challenging times, positions him as a leader in his field.
His passion and commitment to driving growth through franchising sees him navigating ventures, across many categories, on a journey of growth and expansion. John is married to Rebecca, with four sons & one daughter. 

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

Gez Perez

Gez Perez Thrive

Gez Perez is passionate about empowering people to take charge of their lives and take it to the next level so they can achieve personal success. His passion is to inspire people so they can achieve and unlock their true potential for greatness. He truly believes that every individual can have a purpose driven life which enables them to take action, execute their goals with excellence and live and breathe out their dreams.
Gez provides insightful strategies in challenging people to thrive in any area of their lives and make an impact by developing their
passion, influence and confidence.

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

Mark McCrindle

McCrindle Research

Mark McCrindle is an award-winning social researcher, best-selling author, and influential thought leader, and he is regularly commissioned to deliver strategy and advice to the boards and executive committees of some of Australia’s leading organisations.

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

Alex Cook

Wealth With Purpose

Alex Cook is the CEO & Founder of Wealth with Purpose, an organisation that equips Christians to honour God with their finances, by teaching them sound financial planning skills based on the wisdom of the Bible. Alex is passionate about helping Christians ensure that their financial house is in order so that they can fulfil the purposes for which God has called them.

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

Rueben Sarvananthan

Capture Your Purpose

Rueben is the founder of Capture Your Purpose, an entrepreneurial business hub, and vice president of Project 61 International Inc, an NGO that lifts individuals and communities out of poverty through God dependency and self sufficiency. 
He is also an author of three books and an international speaker. 
Evangelism and discipleship with signs and wonders following is a pertinent  passion and calling for Rueben and his family. His purpose is reconciling man to God. He has established local and home churches (training, equipping and releasing centres) in Australia, Africa and Asia. 

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

Nic Henry Jones

Market Me Marketing

Nic Henry Jones is a passionate and purpose driven visionary, Christian Entrepreneur, Business Strategist & Thought Leader, Educator, Keynote Presenter, Coach and two time Author.  

Her 9 years experience in running a Marketing Company working with hundreds of brands & individuals and over 100 speaking engagements and workshops, positions her with a unique understanding and insight into what is required to ‘unlock potential’ in individuals, businesses and organisations.  Nic is passionate about seeing people live their best in every area of their worlds.  

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

SJ Meeson

Christian Women In Business

SJ is on a mission to build a platform that will help encourage, strengthen and unite women from all over the world.  With The Automation Girl, SJ helps business owners automate their marketing & sales systems.

SJ is originally from the UK, has been living in Australia for 10 years and is married with no kids or fur babies. Together with Hubby, they love travelling the world and doing all things with adventure – along with investing & developing real estate. 

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

Tony Gattari

Achievers Group

Known as a 'doer', Tony is also a powerful business speaker and keynote speaker who has educated thousands of business owners around the world. He is author of "Business Success " and co-author of "Pillars of Business Success" and "Marketing success" and has contributed as a key author to "Secrets of Tops Sales Professionals Exposed " and "Secrets of Marketing experts exposed" and has articles read by over 200,000 people every month. He has also starred in a number of business training products and has also created and presented a business building program on Pay TV.
As a keynote speaker, Tony loves to inspire with his principles of business and personal success.

Speaker at Kingdom Advancers Business Summit

Melissa Ahlquist

Little Biz

The Founder of Little Biz, Melissa Ahlquist, is an ideas person who is passionate about establishing and growing small businesses. She runs her own small businesses and has extensive experience in administration, book keeping, data entry and graphic design.

When Melissa isn’t dreaming up new product and business ideas, she enjoys spending time with her family, enjoying their hobby farm, baking and reading. She also has a special interest in making a difference in the world – by feeding the hungry, protecting the vulnerable and inspiring people to be all they can be.











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